Expanded Knowledge 

Expanded Knowledge measures your expertise within the following Salesforce Certifications: App Builder, Advanced Admin, Advanced Developer, Platform Developer II, and Pardot Consultant.

As a Salesforce Consulting partner, your tier is based on a Partner Value Score (PVS). Every partner receives a PVS based on their total contribution to the primary program goals, or ‘Categories’: Annual Contract Value (ACV), Expertise, and Customer Success. Partners are ​evaluated across a range of ‘Core Attributes’ associated with the Categories, including total ACV, ACV growth, Salesforce certifications, Fullforce Solutions and Salesforce Masters, Expanded Knowledge, Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), and customer success stories.​

Please review the content below, including the What You Need to Know to understand how to build out your skill set within the Expanded Knowledge certifications, the Resources to learn more about how Expanded Knowledge impacts your Partner Value Score (PVS), and an FAQ