Enrollment - Salesforce Consulting Partner Program

Thank you for your interest in the Salesforce Partner Program for Consulting Partners. The Partner Program is designed to help consultants, implementation partners, and systems integrators through the lifecycle of building your practice, and growing your Salesforce business.  By becoming a member of our consulting partner community, you’ll now have access to enablement tools, marketing resources, technical support, and helpful tools to do business with us.  The program also provides prospective customers with more insight into your capabilities and expertise, helping them identify your unique strengths and recognizing the impact you could have on their success.  

Our enrollment process consists of multiple steps, and in order to become an official Consulting partner, you will need to complete each enrollment step listed below:

1. Join the Partner Community
Before joining, please review our Partner Signup Help Page here.  It provides step-by-step instructions on getting access.  After reviewing the page, start the signup process here

Note: Once you have successfully completed the signup wizard, one of our Enrollment Specialists will reach out (via email) and guide you on next steps.

2. Complete the Application Process
Once you have successfully submitted the Partner Signup form, your application will be placed into a pending status and you will have 30 days to complete and submit the Partner Application Business Questionnaire & Due Diligence Forms listed below. You will receive an email with next steps within 24-48 hours of submitting the Signup form; however you are also welcome to submit completed documentation now to partnerdiligence@salesforce.com.

  1. Complete the Partner Applicant Business Questionnaire. 
  2. We require that all applicants go through a Due Diligence review. The documentation that needs to be completed can be found here.
3. Get Access to the Partner Community
After our Business and Legal Teams have approved your application, you will be able to access the Partner Community. Once your firm is granted access, you will receive a series of communications: 
  • A "Welcome" email (subject line "Congratulations! You have been approved into our Consulting Program") with next steps
  • A "Welcome" Support case in the Partner Community (instructions on the actions you need to take are in the case)
To access your cases in the Partner Community, go here (Partner Community login required). Once you have responded to the Support case, your Program Fee Purchase Order will be sent to you (via that case).

4. Consulting Partners in a Provisional Status
All new Consulting Partners have six months to complete the remaining enrollment criteria, and are in a provisional status in the interim. The specific criteria that you need to meet will be sent to you (via email) once you have been accepted into the Partner Program (see #3 above). 

Helpful Partner Community Links
As you complete step #4 (above), we recommend getting started with the following Partner Community resources: