Annual Contract Value (ACV)

Annual Contract Value (ACV) refers to the Salesforce revenue you generate as a Consulting partner. There are two ways we measure your total ACV, Sourced Credit and Joint Sales Credit:

  • Sourced Credit: Any previously unknown opportunity referred by you as a lead, submitted through the Partner Community, and accepted by the Salesforce Sales team. This results in new end user purchase of original services, purchase of additional services, or upgrade to existing services within a rolling 12-month timeframe. 
  • Joint Sales Credit: You are brought in by the Salesforce Account Executive to support the close of an existing Salesforce opportunity within a rolling 12-month timeframe. The partner would be credited on the opportunity and the lead would reflect a “Marked as Joint Sales” status. In most cases, a new opportunity would not be at this time.

We also measure growth in ACV. Year-over-Year growth is measured by comparing the current rolling 12-month dataset against the same dataset for the prior year. 

As a Consulting partner, your tier is based on a Partner Value Score (PVS). Every partner receives a PVS based on their total contribution to the primary program goals, or ‘Categories’: Annual Contract Value (ACV), Expertise, and Customer Success. Partners are ​evaluated across a range of ‘Core Attributes’ associated with the Categories, including total ACV, ACV growth, Salesforce certifications, Fullforce Solutions and Salesforce Masters, Expanded Knowledge, Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), and customer success stories.​

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