Analyst Report Access for Summit Consulting Partners

The Salesforce Analyst Report benefit is an exclusive benefit offered to Summit tier consulting partners each quarter. We are providing are partners access to industry and market reports from top industry analyst firms that we feel demonstrate the power of the Salesforce ecosystem. These reports are designed to help you fuel your marketing and sales efforts with research-based data and insights, and help inform your firm’s growth strategy.

For FY21 Q4, we’re offering the IDC report "Event Marketing's Next Normal: The Future Is Digital”
Access Expires: May 24, 2021

Report Synopsis
This IDC Perspective contributes ideas and recommendations from analysts, clients, and event experts to assist marketing leaders with adapting events to the next normal. Forward-looking guidance on event marketing is provided. Marketing leaders have an opportunity to reimagine the role and delivery of events, digital, and content within their marketing portfolios. Marketing leaders must move beyond a "lift and shift" mode to reconfigure their in-person events due to COVID-19 and embrace the opportunity to reimagine their experiential customer engagement for the 21st century.

"Event marketers are energized by the surprising results of virtual events. I am inspired by the creative thinking to reimagine the event experience and maximize digital and content capabilities in new ways," says Laurie Buczek, vice president, CMO Advisory Practice. "This inflection point allows marketing to take a big leap toward better customer experiences, accelerated pipelines, and improved outcomes."

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Usage Rules For This Benefit
IDC Report: Please consider this report for your  internal use. You may distribute it within your company, but not to, customers, or partners. You may not reference the report’s content in any campaign, marketing, or other external materials. Note that access to this report expires on May 24, 2021

To maintain exclusivity for Summit tier partners, one must submit a case on the Partner Community in order to download. Once submitted, we will deliver the report in a timely manner.

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