Analyst Report Access for Summit Consulting Partners

The Salesforce Analyst Report benefit is an exclusive asset toolkit offered to Summit tier consulting partners each quarter. We are providing are partners access to industry and market reports from top industry analyst firms that we feel demonstrate the power of the Salesforce ecosystem. These reports are designed to help you fuel your marketing and sales efforts with research-based data and insights, and help inform your firm’s growth strategy.

For FY21 Q1, we'd like to introduce to you the Forrester report “Future-Proof Your Workforce Strategy With Adaptive Talent Management”

*Access expires: 9/17/2020

Report Synopsis

Yesterday's approaches to talent management do not support the future of work and customer-obsessed strategies. A new approach that focuses on talent adaptivity is required to effectively support organizations' continuously evolving customer-obsessed strategies. This report examines adaptive talent management, defining what it is, how to apply it across the employee lifecycle, and what CIOs and chief human resources officer (CHROs) should do to get started right now.

Salesforce Enables Partners to Build & Maintain Salesforce Talent

Talent development is a high priority at Salesforce and we look to help our partners thrive in the same way with always-on learning content through Trailhead for Partners. Alongside our partners, we aim to shape the future by reskilling professionals, building the next generation of Trailblazer talent, and engaging with training organizations. After you submit a case to access the report, you’ll also receive a helpful tear sheet provides more specific links to available resources inline with key takeaways from this report.

Usage Rules For This Benefit

Forrester Report & Tear Sheet: Please consider this report and tear sheet for your internal use only. You may distribute it within your company, but cannot share it in any form externally, including with prospects, customers, or partners. You may not reference its content in any campaign, marketing, or other external materials. Note that access to this report expires on 9/17/2020.

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