Analyst Report Access for Summit Consulting Partners

The Salesforce Analyst Report benefit is an exclusive benefit offered to Summit tier consulting partners each quarter. We are providing are partners access to industry and market reports from top industry analyst firms that we feel demonstrate the power of the Salesforce ecosystem. These reports are designed to help you fuel your marketing and sales efforts with research-based data and insights, and help inform your firm’s growth strategy.

For FY21 Q2, we'd like to introduce to you the IDC report “COVID-19: Factoring in the Impact on Industry”

*Access expires: 10/24/2021

Report Synopsis

Uncertainty around the COVID-19 pandemic has made it critical for IT vendors to comprehend the affects on different industries globally. This IDC Market Perspective details how various industries will be impacted given this complicated climate in intertwined ways. With the switch to remote work and disruption to supply chains, companies will need to consider pivoting their technology investments to combat these problems. This document provides a framework for how to adjust market forecasts to account for the effect of the crisis.

Usage Rules For This Benefit

IDC Report: Please consider this report and tear sheet for your external use.. You may distribute it within your company and to prospects, customers, or partners. You may reference its content in any campaign, marketing, or other external materials. Note that access to this report expires on 10/24/21.

To maintain exclusivity for Summit tier partners, one must submit a case on the Partner Community in order to download. Once submitted, we will deliver the report in a timely manner.

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