Analyst Report Access for Platinum Consulting Partners

The Salesforce Analyst Report benefit is a new offering, exclusively available to our Platinum Partners in the Consulting Partner Program. We have partnered with top industry analyst firms to provide access to key industry and market reports that demonstrate the power of the Salesforce ecosystem. These reports are designed to fuel your marketing and sales efforts with research-based data and insights.  

This quarter (FY20Q2) we are offering: Forrester Predictions 2019: B2B Marketing And Sales*

*Access expires December 10th, 2019

Analyst Report Benefit Overview

The Analyst Report benefit is a new offering in our Consulting Partner Program. We are partnering with select industry and market analyst firms to provide the following:
1. Access to a new industry report per quarter
2. Internal enablement around an industry
3. Distribution rights* for marketing campaigns 

*Certain reports may NOT be distributed - please refer to the usage rules below for details

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