Business Review

The Business Review is a strategic meeting conducted by your Partner Account Manager (AppExchange Partner) in the Plan phase of the lifecycle.  The meeting schedule and agenda will be set by your individual PAM and you will receive guidance on how to prepare for the meeting.  The review will cover important issues that are critical to your business success like:

  • Target Market (who will use your product?)
  • Growth Strategy (what are your projections for growing your business?)
  • Pricing Considerations (how much would someone pay for your product?)
  • Business Development Plan (how do you plan to attract customers?)
  • Project Plan (what are the key milestones, timeline, and resources needed for getting your product to market?)
  • Key Differentiators (how is your product different from other products?)
  • Dependencies (does your app depend on other organizations or services, like 3rd party integrations, vendors, etc.?)