Salesforce AppExchange Partner Program

AppExchange Partner Trailblazer Score

AppExchange partners will qualify for a benefit tier based on their AppExchange Partner Trailblazer Score. Each partner's score will be measured against their contribution towards set targets across three key pillars: Customer Success, Innovation, and Engagement. All Trailblazer Score points add up to a maximum of 1000 points.

Program Benefit TierTrailblazer Score Required
Summit600 - 1,000
Crest250 - 599
Ridge 150 - 249
Base0 - 149

Attrition RateTechnology Adoption AssessmentACV Growth
Average App RatingTrailhead BadgesTotal Revenue

Customer Success (350 points)

ElementAttrition RateAverage App Rating
DescriptionThe Attrition Rate is the Trailing Twelve-Month calculation of the reduction of renewable revenue divided by the beginning renewable revenue for a given periodAverage Rating of the Partner’s App in the Previous & Current Program Year. Partners with less than 5 reviews will receive 0 points.
Total Points250 pts100 pts
How it’s CalculatedPoints awarded by attrition rate range multiplied by the percent possible based off of the partner’s renewable revenue bandPoints awarded by Rating Band
0% - 4.9%25000
5% - 9.9%200
10% - 14.9%1501 - 1.520
15% - 19.9%100
20% - 24.9%501.5 - 2.540
Renewable Revenue BandPercent Possible2.5 - 3.560
$1 - $500K10%
$500K - $1M25%
$1M - $2.5M60%3.5 - 4.580
$2.5M - $5M80%
$5M - $10M95%4.5 - 5100

Innovation (300 points)

ElementTechnology AdoptionTrailhead Badges
DescriptionThe type of technology utilized within the Partner’s applicationsAll time Trailhead Badges earned by the Partners’ employee users
Total Points200 pts100 pts
How it’s CalculatedPoints awarded based off of the type of technology currently used in Partner appsPoints awarded by number of badges
TechnologySalesforce Products UtilizedPointsNumber of BadgesPoints
Data processing & storageCustomer Objects
Big Objects
Heroku Postgres
Heroku Kafka
Platform Events
User interfaceLightning Web Components
Lightning Aura Components
Salesforce Mobile
Salesforce Mobile SDK Communities
SecurityProcess Builder
Platform Caches
301 - 20025
Reporting, analytics and intelligenceSalesforce Reports & Dashboards
Einstein Analytics
Einstein Prediction Builder
Einstein Discovery
40201 - 40050
Development & application managementPush Upgrades
Heroku Pipelines
DX - Scratch Orgs
20401 - 60075
Industry Product integrationHealth Cloud
Financial Services Cloud
Manufacturing Cloud
Consumer Goods Cloud
Government Cloud
Other Salesforce product integrationSales Cloud
Service Cloud
Salesforce CPQ
Field Service
Marketing Cloud/Pardot
Commerce Cloud
**Marketing CloudWeb Apps
Lightning Design Systems

 **Commerce Cloud
LINK Certification Requirements


*To ensure that you are recognized for the appropriate Trailhead badges, please make sure your Trailhead account is linked correctly. To see the instructions on how to link your Trailhead account, see the “What You Need to Know” tab or visit Need to Know” tab or visit

**Partners that create Marketing Cloud and Commerce Cloud applications have the opportunity to earn additional points. However, a partner’s Tech Adoption score cannot exceed 200 points.

Engagement (350 points)

ElementACV GrowthTotal Revenue
DescriptionThe relative increase of a partner’s new business revenue accrued to Salesforce by Partner for a 12 month term compared to the previous fiscal periodThe monthly fees accrued to Salesforce by Partner for orders in the last month of the preceding quarter, multiplied by twelve.
Total Points250 pts100 pts
How it’s CalculatedPoints awarded by percent ACV growth multiplied by the percent possible based off of the partner's renewable revenue bandPoints awarded by total revenue
ACV GrowthPointsRevenue RangePoints
0% - 5%50
5% - 10%100$1 - $1.0M20
10% - 15%150
15% - 20%200$1.0M - $2.5M40
Renewable Revenue BandPercent Possible$2.5M - $5.0M60
$1 - $500K10%
$500K - $1M25%
$1M - $2.5M60%$5.0M - $10.0M80
$2.5M - $5M80%
$5M - $10M95%$10.0M+100

Marginal Royalty (PNR) Model

Net new partners that enter the AppExchange Program on or after March 1, 2020, and sign a Partner Application Distribution Agreement after such date, are enrolled in the Marginal Royalty PNR Framework Program Benefit, unless the PADA (as defined in the AppExchange Program Policies) specifies otherwise or provides for different pricing, including, for example, fees other than PNR-based fees.

Existing partners interested in enrolling in the Marginal PNR Model should complete and submit the Marginal Royalty Interest Form to understand the eligibility and other requirements that apply to the Marginal PNR Framework.

Submit the Marginal Royalty Interest form >

Annual Order Value BandOEM Program - PNR Rate for New UsersISVForce Program - PNR Rate for New Users
$0 - 1,000,00025%15%
$1,000,001 - $2,500,00023%14%
$2,500,001 - $5,000,00021%13%
$5,000,001 - $10,000,00019%12%
$10,000,001 - $20,000,00017%11%

Process and Terms:
Partners enrolled in the Marginal PNR Framework Program Benefit are eligible to receive reductions in the PNR-based fees such Partners pay to SFDC for Qualifying Subscriptions. The PNR-based fees, decreasing as Annual Order Value increases, are set forth in the chart above.

Please note that the PNR-based fees that a Partner is obligated to pay under the PADA will not change automatically based on the Marginal PNR Framework.