Submit for Business Approval

After reviewing this page, you'll be able to:

  1. Illustrate how submitting for business approval helps fast track your product to the AppExchange.

  2. Submit your listing for Business Approval so you can take your product to market.

  3. Prepare for your review call with our AppExchange Partner Program team.

Ready for Liftoff

Now that you’ve outlined your business plan and an architecture for your product, you’re ready to sign a contract and get going. Before you can sign your partnership agreement, we need to sit down, have a conversation, and make sure we’re fully aligned and working towards a common goal.

Enter the Business Approval process. The self-service partner application path on the Partner Community - no documents required! When you submit, it notifies our team and prompts the review of your plan so you can get under contract and on your way. Best of all? You’ll be guided through the process with a simple wizard process and have transparency into the status of your application after submitting.

You can start entering information for your business approval as soon as you have it, in fact, we encourage it. Store drafts, collaborate on it with other people from your team, and submit whenever you are ready. To get started, open the Publishing Console in the Partner Community, create an AppExchange listing, and then go to the new “Business Plan” tab. Need some help navigating? Check out the ISVforce Guide overview of the Business Plan tab and the instructions for submitting your plan.

After you submit your business plan, we’ll review the submission and the AppExchange Partner Program team will reach out within 3 business days with any feedback or requests for additional information. Once the submission is approved, it’s time for your review call.

Keep Calm and Come Prepared

The review call is your chance to discuss your business and product with the AppExchange Partner Program team. We’re here to help and want to make sure that we understand your plan and that we’re fully aligned and working towards a common goal. The more information you provide in your business plan submission, the more productive the call will be for both of us.

We know you want to get to market quickly, so it’s important to come prepared for the call.  Here are some of the things that we will cover so you can make sure you have the correct people on the call:

  • Is the application free or paid according to program policies?

  • Have you selected the right app type based on your product functionality and target customer?

  • Is there any functionality in the application that is prohibited by the Partner Program Agreement?

  • Are there any red flags in your application architecture?

  • If your application is paid, has the compliance portion of your business plan been filled out entirely and accurately?

It’s also important to note what we will not cover:  

  • Detailed evaluation of your business plan.

  • Detailed vetting of your application’s architecture or security.

  • An assessment of the ability of your company or solution to succeed on the AppExchange.

Success on the Horizon — We’ve Got This

During the call, the AppExchange Partner Program team will raise any issues that need to be addressed and let you know next steps. If we do identify any issues, you’ll have the opportunity to address them and resubmit. Don’t worry — this is not a test. Assuming you’ve done your homework and everything checks out, the next step will be to sign your partnership agreement and then you’re on your way to the AppExchange!