AppExchange Chat


Convert More Leads with AppExchange Chat

In this all-digital world, new ways to engage with customers are more important than ever. AppExchange Chat, now available on AppExchange, does just that — it allows you to connect live with real people on your listing.

Think about it as your digital campground! 


AppExchange Chat allows customers and partners to connect in real-time. Using the Qualified platform (find them here on the AppExchange), the solution will enable live conversations with prospective customers on your AppExchange listing. If a representative from your company isn't available to chat with the prospect, you can route them to an automated chat experience. Whether the engagement is live or automated, you can configure the chat app to answer questions, gather contact information, and capture leads. 

Want to see it in action? Click on over to the AppExchange Chat collection page where you'll find a list of partners already using the solution to engage customers.


With AppExchange Chat you’ll have complete visibility of all your AppExchange visitors, all the time. With a live stream of data about which people from what companies are visiting your Listing on the AppExchange.

In the demo below, Molly, from the bank, Mountain Trust, is looking to beef up efficiency in her call center with a new CTI integration. She uses AppExchange chat to engage real time with Natterbox. 


AppExchange Chat will be available to our Partner Community as an AppExchange Marketing Program (AMP) offering in late Spring 2021. 

Pricing, technical requirements, information about the launch process, and other specifics about this new offering will be announced in the AMP Partner Community group.

If you would like to be contacted directly when more details are available, please complete this form.