Consulting Partner Benefits Overview

Take advantage of all the benefits the Consulting Partner Program has to offer. Review and understand all of the details below to start growing your business. To view the description for each benefit, hover your cursor over the title of each one or click the title for more details. 

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 Benefit  Registered  Silver  Gold  Platinum
 Access to the Partner Community /s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1
/s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1 /s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1 /s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1
 Office Hours /s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1 /s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1 /s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1 /s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1
 Training /s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1 /s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1 /s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1 /s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1

Instructor-led Training Discounts

15%20%  25%30%

Bulk Certification Exam Vouchers

15%20%25% 30%

Free Certification Exam Vouchers1

 2 consulting certification exam vouchers for net new partners2 46
 Partner Roadmap Webinars      /s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1 /s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1 /s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1 /s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1
 Eligible for Fast Forward Boot Camps/s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1/s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1/s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1/s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1
 Partner Forums/s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1/s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1/s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1/s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1

Sales & Marketing


 Benefit Registered Silver Gold Platinum

Lightning CRM (Sales & Service Cloud) Enterprise Edition Licenses2

 Product Enablement Resources/s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1/s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1/s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1/s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1
 Industry Enablement Resources/s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1/s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1/s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1/s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1
Technical Support Case Pack(number of cases in your pack)                                  


Partner Premier Success4

Partner Premier Success
(without Success Manager) 
 Partner Premier Success
(with Success Manager)

Restricted Use Non-Development Commerce Cloud Sandbox5

 1 1 3 5
 Partner Account Manager (PAM)/s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1

 = eligible for benefit
1= Partners of all tiers can only claim benefits after the yearly program fee is paid. Certification vouchers for Silver, Gold, Platinum tiers include all consultant and expanded knowledge certification exams (excludes Certified Technical Architect). To qualify as net new, partners must be accepted into the program for the first time, within the current program year (March 1, 2019 - February 29, 2020).
2= benefit is not available to partners in Provisional status
3= referral incentives for Platinum partners will be paid in Emerging Markets only
4= Free Partner Premier Success tier eligibility will be calculated at the beginning of the year, and last for the remainder of the year regardless of midyear tier promotions. 
5= solely for use in connection with demonstration and training of partner's personnel; not to be used for development and/or for the benefit of partner's end clients. Partners authorized to work on Commerce Cloud following satisfaction of applicable certification requirements are entitled to receive the quantity of free Sandboxes set forth above based on Tier, and to purchase additional Sandboxes at the rate of $150/mo/Sandbox or equivalent local currency as requested.