AppExchange Partner (ISV) Benefits

We offer a unique set of benefits to support the growth of our AppExchange Partners. They will have access to an expanded range of benefits across community, business, and platform by designation. 

All new partners begin as AppExchange Partners unless the partner is invited as a AppExchange Premier Partner. AppExchange Premier Partner designation is invite-only for partners that have demonstrated significant customer and partnership success.

Visit the AppExchange Partner Program page for more details.

To view the details for each benefit, hover your cursor over the title in each cell. 




 BenefitAppExchange PartnerAppExchange Premier Partner
Partner Business Org with 2 free CRM licenses >/s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1
Technical Support Case Pack >5 Case Packs10 Case Packs (as a starting point),
and then we encourage you to purchase
Partner Developer Support or Partner Premier
Partner Premier Success* >/s/money.png?v=1/s/money.png?v=1
License Management App (LMA) >/s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1/s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1
Channel Order App (COA) >/s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1/s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1
Checkout >/s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1
Aloha Status* >/s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1/s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1
API Token* >/s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1/s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1
Trialforce* >/s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1/s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1
Security Review >/s/money.png?v=1/s/money.png?v=1
Heroku* >/s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1/s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1
Salesforce Developer Experience (DX) >/s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1/s/BlueCheckMark.png?v=1

 = eligible for benefit     $ = eligible for benefit (additional costs required)     = eligible with a paid distribution agreement