Due Diligence Review 

Salesforce is committed to ensuring that its business operates with the highest degree of integrity and in compliance with all applicable laws, including those that prohibit corruption and bribery.  We seek to do business with commercial entities that share in this commitment.  As a pre-condition to any business relationship between Salesforce and your company, the Due Diligence Questionnaire and Compliance Certification must be completed.  These are important steps in Salesforce's due diligence process.  Please review the Frequently Asked Questions below to become more familiar with this due diligence process.

Keep in mind: 
  • Incomplete documentation will not be reviewed and/or responded to 
  • Once we've reviewed your finalized application (including the forms), we'll reach out with your application status.

The two main reasons diligence reviews can be prolonged are (1) incomplete forms, and (2) incorrectly answered questions. To expedite your review process, please follow these steps: 

1. Review the Frequently Asked Questions (below)
2. Complete (in full) both of the following documents:
    :: Due Diligence Questionnaire (every question needs to be completed)
    :: Compliance Certification
3. Create a .zip file for the completed documents
4. Submit all documentation to partnerdiligence@salesforce.com

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - General

Q: Where can I find the Due Diligence Questionnaire and Compliance Certification documents?
A: See the links above. 

Q: I am an existing Consulting partner, do I have to submit these documents? 
A:Yes, any Consulting Partner that has not been through this review for the past 2 years is required to submit these documents.

Q: Do existing partners need to provide references?

Q: How can I expedite the Due Diligence review process? 

A: Submit completed forms. Every question in the Diligence Questionnaire should be completed. If a question doesn’t apply to you, then please state that in the questionnaire.

Q: I'm the process of going through the Due Diligence process. How can I check my status?
Please reach out to partnerdiligence@salesforce.com to inquire. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Questionnaire

Q: My firm is a ‘child company’ owned by a separate Parent Company. Which entity information should I enter?

A: The entity information entered on the Due Diligence Paperwork should match the firm that clicked through the Salesforce Partner Program Agreement (SPPA).

Q: For the Questionnaire Item regarding "country list of current and proposed activities", can I just write “global?”
A: No, we need a complete list of specific countries where your entity plans to conduct Salesforce business. 

Q: For Questionnaire Item regarding "proper registration, certification & licensing", can I answer “no” or “n/a?”
A: If you answer "no" or "n/a" to this question, please provide a detailed explanation of the circumstances. The entity should, at a minimum, be registered as a company. If there are additional registrations needed to sell to special industries, and it plans to sell to those industries, then it should have those as well. Salesforce cannot give the entity legal advice regarding what registrations, licenses and certifications it needs. That said, the entity should be able to certify to us that it is operating legally in its course of business. 

Q: For Questionnaire Item regarding "compliance-related documents", can I just mark "yes"?
A: If you mark "yes", please also include a copy of the specific policy, e.g., Code of Conduct, Anti-Corruption Policy, or Employee Manual.

Q: For Questionnaire Item regarding "business references", can I provide an internal or Salesforce reference?
A: No. Please provide 3 external, independent business references that are not affiliated with Salesforce or your entity. These references should be able to speak to your entity’s capabilities in the technology space. Please also be sure to include their company email or company affiliation.

Q: For Questionnaire Item regarding "embargoed countries & denied parties", why is this relevant if my entity is not a US entity?
A: We require all of our partners to comply with these laws, as we cannot have our products and services sold to or used in embargoed countries and those on denied parties’ lists. If you respond "no" to this question, please offer a detailed explanation.

Q: For Questionnaire Item regarding "anti-corruption training", can I just mark "yes"?
A: If you mark yes, please describe the content of the anti-corruption training, frequency of training and the categories of employees trained.

Q: For Questionnaire Item regarding "financial references", who should this be?
A: Please provide an external financial reference from a bank, credit institution or accounting firm.