AppExchange Checkout

/s/cma_logo280x205.png?v=1AppExchange Checkout is the simple way to manage payments for your offering.  Powered by Stripe, AppExchange Checkout lets customers pay with a credit card, so buying is easy.  Automatic integration with the License Management App (LMA) means that licenses are always up to date.  Plus, it is built to work with the Checkout Management App (CMA), which puts notifications and subscriber insights in your Partner Business Org.  Checkout is a service from Salesforce that lets your customers pay for your applications directly on the AppExchange. The service bills your customers' credit cards and deposits money into your account automatically.

The Checkout Management App (CMA) brings the power of Salesforce to AppExchange Checkout.  A dashboard lets you visualize AppExchange Checkout data, so it’s easy to see how your offerings are performing.  Automated email notifications keep customers and team members in the loop whenever activity occurs.

Use the steps listed under What You Need To Know and review the Resources and FAQ, to formulate your strategy, learn more about AppExchange Checkout, and understand best practices for leveraging these automated technologies.

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