AppExchange Partner Program Overview

At Salesforce, we want to make sure you’re set up for success with the AppExchange Partner Program. The program allows anyone –– individual developers, startups, or existing software companies –– to build, sell, and grow their business faster with AppExchange. You get access to the world's #1 CRM Platform, AppExchange – the #1 enterprise marketplace, TrialForce, License and Order Management Tools, and tons of other resources to help you grow your business. 

To see the full potential that awaits you in the ecosystem, check out the new “Guidebook: Salesforce AppExchange” report by Nucleus Research. You can also follow our Inside the Salesforce Ecosystem Blog for success stories and best practices directly from our partners. 

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The AppExchange Partner Program provides you access to a thriving customer base, leading technology, and massive ecosystem with resources to help you build, sell, and grow your business faster: 

1. Build on the Salesforce Platform 
- Build your solution on the world's #1 and most trusted CRM platform.
- Access free developer orgs, free Heroku Connect, and $1,500 in Heroku credits to build the best app for your customer.
- Build a thriving business using your Partner Business Org, which includes everything you need to manage your business along with 2 free Sales Cloud licenses. 

2. Sell with the Salesforce AppExchange
- Access 150,000+ Salesforce customers in 100+ countries with your AppExchange listing and drive visibility through co-marketing and/or sponsorship opportunities.
- Enable “Get It Now” to allow customers to install your app directly from your listing.
- Utilize payment processing tools to accept credit cards, ACH, or SEPA payments and even schedule renewals. 

3. Grow with AppExchange Partner Resources
- Join, learn from, and contribute to a thriving ecosystem.
- Collaborate on the Partner Community or at one of our regional Partner Forums.
- To enhance your business strategy, take advantage of learning resources from Trailhead modules to our webinar programs and office hours.

Program Requirements 

At Salesforce, trust is our #1 value. This carries over directly into the AppExchange Partner Program. In order to become an AppExchange Partner, there are a few requirements that must be met: 
1. Your product needs to integrate with, or be built on, the Salesforce Platform.
2. New products must be “Lightning Ready,” meaning that 100% of the functionality works in Salesforce Lightning. 
3. You must pass the Business Approval process, outlined in Step 7 of the checklist. 
4. You must participate in a Partner Category and have a Salesforce Partnership Agreement in place, outlined in Step 8 of the checklist. 
5. Your product must be approved through the Salesforce Security Review and Assessment, outlined in Step 9 of the checklist.

Resources to Know 

Partners who know how to leverage the ecosystem effectively see incredible results. Review these resources before moving onto the next step: 

Learn more about the Salesforce Partner Program:

Engage with us in a Salesforce Collaboration group:

Join our program webinars:

Continue on to the next step to learn which AppExchange Partner Program team members you will meet along the way.