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  1. Explain the benefits of the AppExchange Partner Program. 

  2. Identify the requirements to become an AppExchange partner. 

  3. Understand the new AppExchange Partner Program changes starting March 1, 2018 

  4. Find additional resources to help make you successful.

The Basics: AppExchange Partner Program 101

Like any relationship, you get out what you put into it, and we want to make sure you’re set up for success with the AppExchange Partner Program!

The AppExchange Partner Program is designed to give anyone, individual developers, startups, or existing software companies, a strong foundation to help build, sell, and grow faster. You will have access to the #1 Platform-as-a-Service to build your product, tools like an AppExchange and Checkout to help you sell, and resources to grow an amazing business.

And you don’t have to take our word for it: check out IDC’s $389 Billion “Salesforce Economy” Report to see the full potential that awaits you in the ecosystem. You can also follow our Inside the Salesforce Ecosystem Blog to hear success stories and best practice advice straight from our partners.

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Build and grow faster with the AppExchange Partner Program

The AppExchange Partner Program gives you an edge over your competition by giving you access to a thriving customer base, leading technology, and massive ecosystem with resources you need to build, sell and grow:

Build with the Salesforce Platform

  • Build using clicks and/or code on the Salesforce Platform, which continues to drive innovation and win recognition from leading analysts

  • Access free developer orgs, free Heroku Connect, and $1,500 in Heroku credits to build the best app for your customer

  • Leverage packaging technology, which allows you to push and pull upgrades, enabling you to get your innovation in the hands of your customers

Sell with Salesforce AppExchange

  • Access 150,000+ Salesforce customers in 100+ countries with your AppExchange Listing and leverage the AppExchange Marketing Program or sponsorship opportunities to drive more visibility

  • Enable “Get It Now” to allow your customers to install your app directly from your listing

  • Utilize payment processing tools to help you accept credit cards, ACH, or SEPA payments and even schedule renewals

Grow with AppExchange Partner Resources

  • Join, learn from, and contribute to a thriving ecosystem. Collaborate on the partner community or at one of our regional Partner Forums

  • Build an efficient business by using your Partner Business Org, which includes everything you need to manage your business along with 2 free Sales Cloud licenses. 


So, what's the catch?

To become an AppExchange Partner, you will need to meet certain requirements. Hopefully you’ve heard by now that trust is the #1 value at Salesforce. We’ve even built a site about it. Just like our company, the AppExchange Partner Program is built on trust. We’re here to help you succeed, but need a few things from you to make that happen:
  • Your product needs to integrate with, or be built on, the Salesforce Platform. Customers love knowing that products found on the AppExchange work with Salesforce.

  • New products must be “Lightning Ready”, meaning that 100% of the functionality works in Salesforce Lightning.

  • You will need to pass the Business Approval process, outlined in step 7 of the checklist.

  • You will need to participate in a Partner Category and have a Salesforce Partnership Agreement in place, outlined in step 8 of the checklist.

  • Your product must be approved through the Salesforce Security Review and Assessment, outlined in step 9 of the checklist.

When you’re ready to dig further into the details, review our Program Policies for AppExchange Partners.

Get With The Program!

We rolled out the new AppExchange Partner Program on March 1, 2018. With more than a decade of growth under our belt, we’re reimagining our program to help our partners build even faster, smarter and more powerful apps for the next ten years. The new program is based on 3 key things:
  • New business model
    New designations: AppExchange Partner and AppExchange Premier Partner

  • New partner tools:
    The Trailblazer Scorecard increases transparency through a new dashboard where partners can view an assessment of where they stand within key 9 categories. Note that users with the “Manage Partnership” permission can view the Trailblazer Scorecard in the Publishing Tab in the Partner Community. Reach out to your Partner Community Admin or review the Admin Resources if you have any questions.

    Onboarding experience that delivers faster time-to-market from idea to AppExchange. Check out the Trailblazer Checklist.

  • New technology:
    Get access to new Heroku benefits and a new way to manage and develop products with Salesforce DX

    Ready to learn more about the new program? Get up to speed by reviewing the following resources:

    Thrive! As an AppExchange Partner

    To be successful as an AppExchange Partner, we recommend that you take full advantage of the resources available. Here are three tips to get you started:

    Partners who know how to leverage the ecosystem effectively see incredible results, so invest time upfront to learn about all that the AppExchange Partner Program has to offer to make sure you’re making the most of your partnership.