Salesforce Partner Community

ISV Onboarding Chatter Group Retired, Direct Questions to Cases

Sep 22, 2020

In an effort to continually streamline the AppExchange ISV partner onboarding process, all onboarding questions should now be logged as a case in the Partner Community. This change will help to ensure more we are able to engage appropriately and respond effectively to your questions.

Our AppExchange ISV Partner Onboarding Guide continues to be the single source of truth when it comes to the ISV onboarding process.

Not sure where to log a case? These are the steps on how to log a case in the Partner Community:

  • - Select the “Support” tab in the top navigation
  • - Select “New Case” green button in the right hand corner
  • - Select the category, topic and sub-topic that best applies

Below are the two case types to choose from when it comes to onboarding needs:

  • 1) Category: Account Maintenance & Partner Programs
    • - Topic: Enrollment and Partner Program Requirements
    • - Sub-Topic: AppExchange (ISV) - Enrollment
  • 2) Category: AppExchange (ISV) App Setup & Management
    • - Topic: App or Service Listing
    • - Sub-Topic: AppExchange Listing Approval Process