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Mar 10, 2020

Consolidated Statements starting in March


We’re excited to announce that consolidated statements for ISVForce partners by default and OEM or VAR partners (by request) start this month. You’ll be able to see all of your invoices and credit memos on one monthly statement, instead of having to track multiple billing documents. This makes it easier to track and reconcile transactions. 


What this means to you

  • You will receive one consolidated statement, on the 10th of each month, that’s easier to read and reconcile. You will continue to receive individual invoices but can opt out by logging a ticket on Partner Community using the ‘Billing’ topic.
  • You’ll receive a statement every month, regardless of your outstanding balance.
  • You’ll receive separate statements for each company revenue region and each statement will include wiring information specific to the revenue region 


Salesforce is committed to Customer and Partner Success. We look forward to making it even easier for you to work with us as we strive to cultivate the best AppExchange ecosystem in the business. 



For more information log a case on Partner Community using the topic ‘Billing’.