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PY21 Consulting Partner Program Enhancements Coming Soon

Feb 12, 2020


We are excited to share new enhancements to the PY21 Consulting Partner Program coming soon. We’ve made these updates with our partners in mind to create a unified partner experience, a simpler & more transparent experience, and increased emphasis on customer success. In preparation for the upcoming changes, we've made it easy to get up to speed on the updates coming your way. Here is everything you need to know: Keep these key dates in mind as we roll out these new updates and kick off the new program year:
  • Monday, March 2: Tier Notifications sent to key contacts - Annual Evaluation (based on FY20 scorecard)
  • Monday, March 11: Trailblazer Score dashboard populated with FY21 scorecard
  • Wednesday, March 18: Program Fee: PO cases made available in Partner Community to download and sign
  • Monday, April 20: Program fee: deadline to return signed PO
  • Friday, May 1: Q1 Tier evaluation notifications of promotions sent based on FY21 Scorecard
If you missed the webinar we hosted, you can watch the replay to catch up on the latest and greatest.

These upcoming enhancements have a central focus on customer success and making it easier for customers to find the right partner. There will be greater emphasis on Navigator as the way for partners to demonstrate expertise and differentiate their firm based on proven industry expertise, Salesforce product knowledge, and customer success.

What is Navigator?
Navigator allows partners to distinguish themselves as product or industry experts based on fulfilling certain requirements that demonstrate expertise. Each level determines how your firm is featured both internally to Salesforce and externally to customers on the AppExchange. Since its inclusion into the program a few years ago, it has gained considerable momentum within our ecosystem and there are now over 1,200 distinctions held by our partners.

Why the switch to Navigator?
The goal is simple: to help customers find the consulting partner with the expertise needed to help them be successful.

At the end of August, we will eliminate the use of metal tiers and pivot to Navigator levels to better reflect a partners’ expertise and ability to deliver customer success. It is our intention to position Navigator as the way through which partners can convey their competency and delivered success to a customer.

What is the timeline?
Navigator qualifications will become the shared lens that our partners, Salesforce AEs, and customers will use to identify the right partner for their specific needs. Before we formally implement these changes, there are a number of activities we are performing to enhance Navigator. Today, we are collecting insights from customers and partners to inform the design and ensure that it is easy to understand and built for long term growth. New details of Navigator, along with supporting content, will be shared with our partners throughout the year starting in April. At the end of August, we will phase out references to metal tiers and we will fully pivot to the Navigator model. All year we will be amplifying awareness of Navigator with customers and Salesforce sales teams on how to leverage Navigator to select the right partner.

How will partners be supported during the transition?
We are committed to supporting our partners throughout this journey and plan to do so through a variety of resources. In consistent communications and relevant learning documentation, we will include details and suggestions on how to integrate the language of Navigator into your go-to-market and marketing materials. These resources will be announced in April.

To learn more about Navigator and how it helps our partners better service customers, visit

We are looking forward to a great year with each of you. If you have any questions, please post them in the Official: Consulting Central Chatter group or reach out to your Partner Account Manager.