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Salesforce and Partners Blaze Trails with the Partner Values Exchange

Nov 20, 2019

We are excited to introduce the Partner Values Exchange, a place to celebrate partners making a difference and inspire positive change. The Salesforce Partner Ecosystem is comprised of thousands of partners who not only deliver innovation on the Salesforce platform, but also live by their own set of values, leveraging their business as a platform for change. This new destination allows us to blaze a trail toward a better world, together.

Dive into the Partner Values Exchange to learn more about Salesforce’s values, how others are making a difference at their company, and leveraging the power of our incredible ecosystem to instill positive change. Join the conversation and share your tips for making an impact. Don’t forget to turn on notifications to stay updated and partake in joint opportunities.

The Partner Values Exchange is also a place to share your company journey. How does your company live your values that set you apart? Tell us your Values Story. From equality, to sustainability, giving back, and diverse hiring, we are on this journey together. Check out the Partner Values Exchange to see how we are driving positive change further as an ecosystem.