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New Navigator Enhancements for Consultants Emphasize Simplicity

May 19, 2020

We want to share some of the improvements we are making to our Partner Program, to make it simpler for you to build your expertise and accelerate customer success.

A New Navigator Model
Navigator helps consulting partners differentiate themselves through deployable product and industry expertise. Because Navigator is so important for partners, we have made changes that will simplify specialization categories and standardize requirements to achieve your specializations and expert distinctions. We have also made the lowest Navigator distinctions accessible to smaller partners, so all customers and AEs now have objective data and consistent measurements to find the partner they need.

Customer Stories to Showcase Success
Although we are no longer requiring you to submit customer stories to receive Navigator credentials, stories of customer success remain powerful testaments to your hard work and commitment. Highlighting such stories as Featured Resources on the Overview tab of your AppExchange listing is the best way to showcase your experience to customers and AEs.

AppExchange is your new Go-To-Market Tool
The Expertise tab of your Consultant listing on AppExchange is a new destination for Navigator awareness building. We are making significant updates to several of the Consultant Finder filters to ensure customers and AEs can more intuitively evaluate the skills of specific partners.

To go deeper on the range of improvements we are making, check out our Understanding Navigator replay and updated FAQ and visit the Partner Navigator chatter group.