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Partner Navigator: Helping You Drive Customer Success

Apr 19, 2020

As we all make adjustments, we understand the importance of staying connected and helping one another through the unknown. Please know, Salesforce is committed to the success of our Partner Ecosystem.

Earlier this year, we launched our new focus: providing a unified partner experience through simplicity, fairness, and transparency. At that time, we indicated that we will also be making changes to Partner Navigator that will significantly simplify the program for our partners, and better reflect a partners’ expertise and ability to deliver customer success. You will be hearing more from us about the benefits and changes we have planned over the next few months.

Here are some resources to set the context and set you up for success:

A Refresher on Partner Navigator

Our goal is to empower customers to select a partner, based on their specific business needs. Partner Navigator is the way our partners go to market based on their product and industry specific expertise.
Frequently Asked Questions From Our Partners:

1. Can you please help me understand the current Partner Navigator?

Partner Navigator was created to recognize partners for their demonstrated expertise. Your achievement designates how you appear on the AppExchange from both the homepage search and also under the Expertise tab on a Consultant’s AppExchange listing. You can view the Partner Navigator requirements document here -

The first level is Certified Navigator. You achieve this level for product based certifications (full details can be found in the requirements doc).

The next level is Specialist Navigator. You reach this level by earning at least one product or industry specialization. These are based on your submitted projects (with CSAT returned), stories, and references submitted over the past two years. For product specializations you must meet the Certified Navigator level first.

The top level is Master Navigator. This is based on meeting the required and optional specializations per the requirements document. Upon achieving the Master Navigator level, you will receive a badge to use for promotional and go-to-market materials.

2. What current Partner Navigator achievements does my company have?

You can view your current Partner Navigator achievements within the Expertise tab of your Consultant AppExchange listing. Certified Navigator achievements are updated weekly. Specialist and Master Navigator levels are updated quarterly.

3. How can I track my achievement progress in the current Partner Navigator?

Please submit a support ticket or reach out to and request your project and story reports to see what is eligible for the next quarterly review. If anything needs updating (e.g. a specialization was missed when submitting) you can add on this file and the team can update. Starting in May, we will be providing partners the option to request an aggregated view, that shows how many projects are counting towards each specialization and masters for the next quarterly review.

On behalf of all of us at Salesforce, thank you for being such a valued member of our Partner Ecosystem.