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Verified Project Reviews Now Featured on Consultant AppExchange Listings

Jan 30, 2020

In today’s always-on world, customers are constantly consuming and creating content about  their experiences with brands, products, and companies. Now more than ever, it is important for companies to show up consistently and on-brand, as customer feedback and reviews are easily accessible and part of a customer’s daily decision making process. Given the importance of customer feedback, consultant listings on AppExchange are being enhanced with Salesforce Verified Project Reviews. Verified Project Reviews complement the existing community reviews as another data point for customers to use when evaluating a consulting partner for services and implementation.  


Consulting Partners and Customers Will Both Benefit From Verified Project Reviews
We’re making it easier for our consulting partners to collect project-based customer reviews by streamlining the collection and publishing of feedback promptly at the end of a consulting project via our Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) survey. Customers will benefit from the ability to compose a project-based review during their CSAT survey process, making it more convenient and timely for them. Prospective customers will be able to reference both Verified Project Reviews and Partner Navigator Program expertise to find the right consulting partner for their unique business challenge. 


How Do Verified Project Reviews Work?
Previously, customers were asked to complete the CSAT survey and submit a separate review on a consultant’s AppExchange listing at a later date. We’re combining the process so that customers completing the CSAT survey can opt to write a review of the partner and choose to make it public all in one fell swoop. Here’s how it works: 

  1. 1. When a partner marks a project as complete in the Partner Community, the customer is contacted by Salesforce to complete a CSAT survey.
  2. 2. The final question of the CSAT survey is an open-ended question, offering the customer an opportunity to write an optional review of the partner’s services.
  3. 3. A dropdown indicator will then prompt the customer to choose if they wish to share this text field review publicly on the consulting partner’s AppExchange listing.  
  4. 4. Salesforce will publish just the open text review on the existing “Reviews” tab of the consultant’s AppExchange listing.
  5. 5. Published Verified Project Reviews will be differentiated from the existing Community Reviews on the partner’s AppExchange listing with a green and white check mark beside the “Salesforce Verified” designation. This indicates that the feedback is associated with a completed and Salesforce validated project.

User-added image

User-added image


Over 2,500 Verified Project Reviews were just published and we encourage our consulting and agency partners to check out their new reviews from customers.

Partners can increase the number of Verified Project Reviews published to their AppExchange listing by simply submitting more completed projects through the Salesforce Partner Community.  


To learn more, check out our Consultants on the AppExchange video and visit the Partner Project and CSAT process page in the Partner Community. The Verified Project Reviews feature is just one of many investments we’re making in our Salesforce Partner Program. Be on the lookout for more enhancements that we’ll be sharing in FY21.