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New Channel Order App: The Key to Managing Your Customer Orders

Jul 3, 2018

As an AppExchange ISV Partner, few tools are more important to understand than the Channel Order App (COA). After all, it’s an essential component in creating, submitting and tracking your customer orders from AppExchange — and a required process for all partner app sales. And we’re thrilled to announce that we are quickly approaching the release date for the new and improved COA 2.0.

It’s important to learn about the exciting and important updates included in this release. Speaking of learning, take a look at the Channel Order App Basics Trailhead to onboard new COA users in your company as well as refresh veteran users. In under an hour. You’ll learn how to create, submit and manage customer orders for seamless transactions.

Here’s a look at the upcoming enhancements coming with COA 2.0.

1. Customer management just got easier
Customer license management is a big part of alignment between your business and Salesforce. Now you can see the current number of licenses for each customer. This ensures that your records are aligned with Salesforce, and that all invoices are correct for your customers.

2. A more efficient way to submit orders
Let us help you be more efficient. Instead of wasting time guessing which order type is appropriate; we’ve taken the guesswork out of this process with a new order submission wizard to walk you through the correct order process.

3. Catch errors before submitting
Error! Error! Error! Just when you think you’ve completed the entire process, ‘error’ is the last word you want to see on your screen. COA 2.0 includes more validations to help you catch those errors before you click ‘submit’. This helps you submit the right order the first time and saves time spent on back and forth.

4. Introducing Order Recall
I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite features within Gmail is the ability to click ‘undo’ when I’ve sent something accidentally — so why not have the option to do the same with your orders? You now have up to two hours to edit product, license, or pricing details for orders. You can also recall the order to completely remove it from our processing queue.

5. A new and improved UI
Have you made the switch to Lightning yet? Lightning users will have have access to COA 2.0 in the new and improved UI. If you have yet to make the switch, the new COA 2.0 is still available in Salesforce Classic. (Of course, we encourage you to upgrade to the Lightning Experience as soon as possible to benefit from all of the cool changes.)

6. New API
Don’t worry: we didn’t forget about our API users. Now there’s a new Channel Order API for automating order submissions and processing available. Click here to check out the complete API documentation in our ISVforce Guide.

7. Control access with permission sets
Gain full control over how employees use the COA with new permission sets. Give employees the ability to administer the COA application, submit orders, or both.

8. Save time with multiple orders
Eliminate unnecessary clicking. If you have an order type that you submit frequently, save time by cloning it — no need to create new orders and fill out the same details every time.

9. Data guarantee
All of your current data is compatible with the new COA, so you won't lose anything. We also give you easy steps for completing the upgrade. Be sure to check out the upgrade considerations if you have any automation around the COA.

Check out the new checkout, COA 2.0, rolling out soon. You can find more resources on the Partner Community at If you have any questions, please use the the Operations Review Group (login required). More news to come!