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Mar 20, 2017

Weekly Update: Highlights & Headlines from the Salesforce Partner Community

Review these important updates below! The Partner Community Weekly Update provides a summary of training, blog posts, events, and other key assets to keep Salesforce Partners fully informed.

By Giorgina Tucker (Partner Community) and Caylah Novak (Partner PR)

  • Public Relations Page: The Partner Public Relations (PR) page has been updated with new Salesforce Masters Designation, Commerce Cloud Partner Program, and Commerce Cloud Success templates (see “Resources” tab). Check it out at
  • COA: We’re updating the Channel Order App (COA) to create a better experience for you! This is a complete re-imagination of the COA for partners and our operations teams. Keep an eye out for more news. Check out this post in the meantime.
  • Einstein: Great coverage on Salesforce Einstein and the Partner Ecosystem – the inevitability of the cloud, our growing ecosystem, our industry strategy and how AI will ultimately drive more customer interest. View this article.
  • Consulting Partner Referral Payout Percentages: Consulting Partners in growth regions – there are important changes to the Partner Referral Payout Percentages in efforts to simplify and consolidate Partner Referral Payout Rates. For questions please refer to and
  • Quarterly Partner Update: Just in case you missed it last week – catch the replay here! (Partner Community Login Required)
  • #Weareohana: The Salesforce Ohana is our family of Employees, Customers, Partners and the Communities we call home. They are all at the heart of everything we do. Check out the new #Weareohana video and learn more about our values at  
  • Global Lightning Tours:  Check out these two Global Lightning Tours happening this week! These are free two day workshops that will cover what you and your customers need to know to plan a successful Lightning implementation. The two this week are in Chicago and Minneapolis. (Partner Community Login Required)
  • Einstein:  We just released an Einstein cheat sheet! This sheet includes key Einstein messaging and differentiation, customer stories with ROI, and Spring ’17 features with pricing. Go to to access (see “Resources” tab).
  • Pre-Sales Learning Path: We have updated the Pre-Sales Learning Path and restructured it to better reflect the required abilities and usual path. Check out the improved content here!
  • Commerce Cloud Product Page: This just in! A new Commerce Cloud Product Page has been launched. This page contains information on the Commerce Cloud Product, the steps to engage, resources and much more great content. Check it out at
  • Spring ’17 Trailhead Badge: Have you picked up your Spring ’17 Trailhead badge yet? Check out the highlights from the Spring ’17 Release. Get access to this badge at
  • Marketing Power Hour: Join this week’s Power Hour on Wednesday March 22nd at 9 am PT. Register here! (Partner Community login required)
  • New Alerts! Sign-up to be Notified (Updated), Lightning Experience Readiness Report Enhancements, Consulting Partners – PVS “Prior Period” does not include data -


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