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Mar 6, 2017

Weekly Update: Highlights & Headlines from the Salesforce Partner Community

Review these important updates below! The Partner Community Weekly Update provides a summary of training, blog posts, events, and other key assets to keep Salesforce Partners fully informed.

By Giorgina Tucker (Partner Community) and Caylah Novak (Partner PR)

  • Quarterly Partner Update: The next Quarterly Partner Update is on Thursday, March 9 at 9am Pacific. Partners will be able to hear the latest updates on key initiatives for the Salesforce Partner Program and our Partner Community. Register now!
  • Spring ’17 Release:  Four new event types were added to EventLogFiles in the month’s Spring ’17 release. See the Knowledge Article for full details and specific action items.
  • Commerce Cloud Product Page: This just in! A new Commerce Cloud Product Page has been launched. This page contains information on the Commerce Cloud Product, the steps to engage, resources and much more great content. Check it out at
  • Marc Benioff LiveStream: Marc Benioff will be hosting a live broadcast on Tuesday, March 7th at 10 am PT to share company vision and strategy. Join us here!
  • Spring ’17 Trailhead Badge: Have you picked up your Spring ’17 Trailhead badge yet? Check out the highlights from the Spring ’17 Release. Get access to this badge at
  • Salesforce Ecosystem Guest Blog: We officially launched inside the Salesforce Ecosystem, an AppExchange and Salesforce Ventures publication delivering thought leadership content. To view the guest blogger guidelines and submit stories view here.
  • Marketing Cloud Trailhead: A new module and badge is now available in the Personalize Your Customer Journeys with Marketing Cloud Trail. Check it out here.
  • TLS 1.0: We are disabling TLS 1.0 so that we can maintain the highest security standards and promote the safety of your data. We have extended the disablement deadline to July 22, 2017, except for sandboxes, for which the disablement date is July 15, 2017. Please view this alert for more info. (Partner Community Login Required)
  • Learn Lightning Blog Series: Have you heard of the new Learn Lightning blog series? This is a series of 10 posts over 10 weeks where Gillian Bruce shares Lightning tips. Check it out here!
  • Trailhead: Check all this new content released on Trailhead! 11 new modules and 1 new project released! 1 new Trail released featuring Wave Analytics. Check this out here. (Partner Community login required)
  • Pilots & Environment Hub Org: We’ve updated the Pilots with cool new pilots. In addition, Environment Hubs now have newly increased API Call Limit (per 24 hours). Check out more info at and (Partner Community login required).
  • Channel Chief Announcements: Congratulations to Tyler Prince and Neeracha Taychakhoonavudh, who have both been named 2017 Channel Chiefs by CRN, the industry’s leading channel publication. View Tyler’s page here and view Neeracha’s page here.
  • New ISV Security Trailhead: A new Trailhead Module has been created – the ISV Security Trailhead Module. Check out this blog post by Amanda Nelson (Salesforce) sharing the importance of security and sharing tips for passing Security Review with Trailhead.
  • Marketing Power Hour: Join this week’s Power Hour on Wednesday March 8th at 9 am PT. Register here! (Partner Community login required)
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