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Salesforce Einstein for Partners Webinar!

Feb 13, 2017

Weekly Update: Highlights & Headlines from the Salesforce Partner Community

Review these important updates below! The Partner Community Weekly Update provides a summary of training, blog posts, events, and other key assets to keep Salesforce Partners fully informed.

By Giorgina Tucker (Partner Community) and Caylah Novak (Partner PR)

  • Salesforce Einstein for Partners: Join us for this valuable Einstein Webinar to learn all you need to know about Salesforce’s new A.I. offering. This webinar is on Monday, February 13, at 12:30 PM EST. Register here! (Partner Community login required)
  • Technical Enablement for ISVs: Don’t miss this great opportunity to hear some of the new platform features and core product enhancements for Spring ’17. Join this webinar on Thursday, February 16th at 9 am. Register here!  (Partner Community login required)
  • Salesforce1 New Release: This just in! Salesforce plans to release version 12.0 of Salesforce1 for Android app to Google Play in late February (Date TBD). Full details will be available here at the time the new app is released. Stay tuned!
  • Burning Glass Report: Partner, the latest report from Burning Glass states that “Chances are your next job will require Salesforce Skills”. Read more here to see the value of having Salesforce skills.  
  • New ISV Security Trailhead: A new Trailhead Module has been created – the ISV Security Trailhead Module. Check out this blog post by Amanda Nelson (Salesforce) sharing the importance of security and sharing tips for passing Security Review with Trailhead.
  • Tech Updates 2017: Tech Updates for January 2017 are now available! This month’s edition includes new info on the Spring ’17 Release, upcoming instance refreshes, feature retirements. Check them out here! (Salesforce Success Community login required)
  • Security Review: Check out this new blog post sharing highlights from this past year (FY17) regarding Security Review. This includes enhancements made to our security review processes, security Trailhead modules, the new App Cloud Security Center.
  • Dreamforce 17 Sponsorships: Partner are you curious to see what sponsorship opportunities are available for 2017? The Dreamforce’17 Sponsorship Prospectus is now live at (see list of events). Contacts will be accepted as of 9 am PT, Monday February 6th.
  • Marketing Power Hour: Join this week’s Power Hour on Wednesday February 15th at 9 am PT. Register here! (Partner Community login required)
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