Developer Certification Retiring - Action Items for Partners

Nov 29, 2016

by Trity Dow

All Partners with Developer Certifications, As we announced earlier this year, the Salesforce Certified Developer credential will no longer be part of the Consulting Partner Program in FY18 (beginning February 1, 2017).

In general, we encourage partners to have all individuals who currently hold the Certified Developer credential to replace it with the Certified Platform Developer I credential. Consulting Partners need to be aware of the impact of this change on their:
  • Consulting Partner Program Tier: The Salesforce Certified Developer credential will no longer earn points towards the Partner Value Score (PVS). This has been replaced by Platform Developer I. On February 1, when partners log into to the Partner Community and view their Consulting Partner Performance dashboard in the Business Console, they many notice a drop in their certification points if these have not been replaced with the Platform Developer I certification.
Important Note: The tier you start the fiscal year with is based on the Q4 FY17 results, based on the current year’s program (FY17) - this does include the Developer certification. Therefore, this change will not have any impact to the tier you are assigned in FY18.​​
  • AppExchange Listing: On the Overview tab of the Partner’s AppExchange listing, the total number of Certified Professionals will no longer include those individuals who only hold the Salesforce Certified Developer credential as of February 1, 2017.
  • Enrollment Status in the Consulting Partner Program: To remain enrolled in the Partner Program for Consulting Partners, a firm must hold 2 consultant level certifications. In cases where one or both of the only certifications a partner holds are the Salesforce Certified Developer credential, partners need to be aware that they will need to replace those certifications with one of the consultant certifications that count towards the minimum requirement:
    • Sales Cloud Consultant
    • Service Cloud Consultant
    • Platform Developer I
    • Marketing Cloud Consultant
    • Community Cloud Consultant
    • Pardot Consultant
For those partners who may no longer meet the minimum of the 2 certifications requirement once their Developer Certification retires, they will continue to be part of the Partner Program for Consulting Partners until January 31, 2018. To remain a partner in good standing, all partners need to have replaced Developer Certification with one of the certifications listed above no later than January 31, 2018.

To see the notification that was sent out from Salesforce University, go here

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