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New Enhancements for the Partner Community (June 2016)

Jun 24, 2016

by Benjamin James, Salesforce Partner Program

As a Salesforce partner, you’re focused on delivering amazing products and services. If you joined us recently, or you’re a longtime partner who’s training new team members, you know there’s a lot of information to absorb. Today, we’re delivering a round of features and enhancements to the Partner Community that make it easier for your team to get up to speed and stay up to date.

Partner Education Dashboard: Track Trailhead and Certification Progress
You’ve earned the badges and aced the exams, but where do you stand overall? Find out in a glance with the new partner education dashboard. The dashboard gives you a high-level view of your Trailhead and certification achievements and lets you know what needs attention. If you’re a manager, you can also track progress across your company and for individual employees. Combined with our curated list of Trailhead badges, the dashboard is a great way to monitor learning for new hires. Access to this data is controlled with the “Manage Education” permission on the Manage Users page.

If you don't have access to the Manage Users page, reach out to your Partner Community administrator(s) to grant you the "Manage Education" permission.

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Partner Education Homepage: One Place for Learning Resources and News
The new education homepage is where you’ll want to start your day. Headlines about what interests you most, like upcoming events and releases, are presented in a feed that’s easy to skim. To help you master Salesforce essentials and get familiar with new features, we’ve added a section of curated Trailhead content, including our growing list of badges designed just for partners. And when you need to dive into the details, Partner Program resources and official documentation are just clicks away.

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Partner Community Access: Smarter, Faster Sign Ups
Getting access to the Partner Community should be easy, so we looked at every part of the sign up experience to streamline the process. There are fewer screens overall and linking new users to the correct partner account is more seamless. And if there’s something our support team needs to research, we can create cases automatically for easy tracking and escalation.

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Let Us Know What You Think
As always, we’re excited to get your feedback about everything we’ve shared with you here. If you have questions or comments, reach out in the Q&A Group (Partner Community login required).