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BLOG: Introducing AppExchange for Components: Giving Partners More Exposure Than Ever

Jul 27, 2015

by Heather Conklin, Salesforce Partner Program

It’s time to get in on the ground floor of the new AppExchange. No, we haven't found a way to turn the clock back to when it all began in 2006; we’ve evolved it to make it even more innovative by adding the AppExchange for Components.

With the new Lightning UI framework, we’ve created an ecosystem that helps our partners develop and publish components to the entire Salesforce user base.

With components, the wheel gets invented once and it stays invented. Partners and customers can build apps and customize Salesforce faster than ever with a library of reusable, well-defined components.

Components are built on the Lightning framework and can be used either programmatically or declaratively. Partners and developers can enter a new market by breaking out smaller elements of functionality to extend an existing app. Alternatively, publishing stand-alone components can attract a new audience of Salesforce users looking for innovative data visualization tools, feeds, calculators, and other widgets. Once customers see how valuable your component is, they may be inclined to give your apps or consulting services more careful consideration.

In addition to presenting an instant new revenue stream, the AppExchange for Components offers a unique early adopter opportunity. We’re still in the  early days of the new market for components, meaning those who participate and publish now will have an advantage in establishing a faithful following and reputation. Extend your reach by showing you’re an early adopter of the latest Salesforce technology.

Offering top-quality components that attract a lot of downloads and qualified, positive reviews remains the best way to secure premium exposure, but there will also be extra consideration for top marketing placements among developers who join the components market early. All told, this is the best opportunity in nearly a decade for partners to rise quickly to the top of the AppExchange.

We've made it easier for our partners to list apps, components, and consulting services, each in a dedicated section of the AppExchange, with a fully revamped publishing experience. Also, with new top navigation on the AppExchange, we’re elevating all three of our marketplaces, drawing more attention to your apps, components and consulting services.

Some things haven't changed about the AppExchange, like the fact that it's a much more interesting place when our partners get involved. To start working with Salesforce1 Lightning and developing new components today, visit the AppExchange for Components.

Learn more about the new AppExchange for Components and how to list your component at Be sure to collaborate with other partners in the Lightning and Components Chatter Group (login required). 

by Heather Conklin, Salesforce Partner Program