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The New Salesforce Partner Program for Consulting Partners

Feb 4, 2015

To meet the evolving needs of our partners and the customers they serve, we are rolling out a series of enhancements to the Salesforce Partner Program for Consulting Partners.  Not only do these changes deliver increased support to our partners, but they help customers evaluate different firms and select a partner that best fits their specific needs.
The new Salesforce Partner Program offers a robust set of resources, training, and tools, enabling consulting partners to develop expertise around specific business functions, product areas, and industries so they can expertly serve customers, differentiate their practices, and grow a profitable business. Unlike programs developed by traditional software providers, the Salesforce Partner Program is built exclusively for the cloud and takes advantage of the cloud’s unique customer engagement models, economics, and potential to deliver unparalleled customer success. Highlights of the new program include:

Tiering based on a comprehensive view partners’ value contribution
In the new program, consulting partners will be tiered at Platinum, Gold, Silver and Registered levels based on a Partner Value Score, or ‘PVS’. Every partner receives a PVS based on the total contribution they make to Salesforce’s business across three primary ‘categories’: ACV, Expertise, and Customer Success.
Partners will be evaluated across a range of ‘core attributes’ associated with the categories, including total ACV, ACV growth, Salesforce certifications, specializations, CSAT, and customer success stories. During the evaluation process, Salesforce Consulting Partners will receive a set of points tallied over a rolling, 12-month period for each of these weighted attributes:

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Increased partner program investment
We’ve spent the past year building out new resources to meet our partner’s needs. Some of the key enhancements include:
  • Onboarding resources for new partners
  • Continuously updated and improved Partner Community site
  • Access to an expanded portfolio of partner development resources
    • Partner Sales Aid
    • Bootcamp Training
    • Recorded Trainings
    • Monthly Webinar Series
  • Eligibility to resell Salesforce University Training
  • Support Case Packs
  • Demand generation marketing kits
  • Eligibility for co-marketing programs and funding
Updated program requirements by country
A partner’s PVS will be evaluated on 12 or 18-month intervals, depending on program start date, based on country-specific targets. Each country’s requirements include a target for sourced, co-sell and year-over-year sourced growth; Developer, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Technical Architect certifications; competency in emerging products and the Salesforce FullForce initiative; and customer success as measured by CSAT scores and customer story submissions.
Introduction of annual program fees
Partners will be charged an annual fee to maintain their membership, support the ongoing administration of the program, and help Salesforce invest in future program enhancements. Program fees start at $1,000 annually for partners at the Registered level in mature markets and $750 for partners in emerging markets or Foundation Partners.
Existing partners have until April 30, 2015 to submit the payment for their highest eligible tier level (note: partners can choose to participate and pay into a lower tier level). New partners will submit their payment fees upon joining the program.  If you have questions email

Blog: Introducing the New Salesforce Partner Program for Consulting Partners (by Tyler Prince) - February 4, 2015