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AppExchange Tech Talk

Mar 25, 2021
11am PT

Join us for the next AppExchange Tech Talk on March 25th at 11am PT to learn all about the Second-Generation Managed Packaging. We will be joined by the Product Manager for Packaging, Dileep Burki, along with ISV Platform Expert Vivek M. Chawla, to speak on the status and best practices for adopting 2GP. We will also have special appearances from 2 partners: Community Brands and Aquiva Labs. Community Brands will speak on their experience adopting 2GP and give advice to partners who are in the process or considering doing it, while Aquiva Labs will demonstrate their Packaging Wizard, a tool that brings “out of the box” DevOps support for ISVs building managed packages.

Register now to learn more about:

  • - Package types and benefits of 2GP
  • - 2GP for all net-new packages
  • - Direct ISV Partner experience and advice on adopting 2GP

We invite all consulting and AppExchange (ISV) partners in a technical or product role to join us!

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