Salesforce Partner Co-Marketing Agreement (SPCMA)
Complete the click-through Agreement to engage in any co-marketing activities with Salesforce

The Salesforce Partner Co-Marketing Agreement sets forth your rights and obligations related to partner-sponsored co-marketing activities.  Important items to keep in mind:
  • This agreement is required for any partner who is engaged with Salesforce in co-marketing activities
  • Partners are not covered for co-marketing activities under the Salesforce Partner Program Agreement (SPPA); the SPCMA is required for co-marketing
  • Co-marketing includes a broad range of marketing activities; if you have questions, consult with your own legal representative or email our legal team at
  • Partners cannot be reimbursed by Salesforce for co-marketing activities until this agreement is signed
  • If you are not engaged in co-marketing efforts with Salesforce, it is not necessary to agree to these terms
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Download the full text of the SPCMA (.pdf) for reference



I tried to sign the Click-Through Agreement, but it says I need to log in first?
That is correct, a login to the Partner Community is required to verify your identity.  Visit our Signup Help Page for a tutorial on how to obtain Partner Community access and log in.

How is the SPCMA different from the SPPA?
The Salesforce Partner Program Agreement (SPPA) governs all active Salesforce Partners.  The SPCMA is only related to partner-sponsored co-marketing activities.  For more information on the SPPA go here.

My company has already agreed to the SPPA, do I need to agree to the terms of the SPCMA also?
Only if you are engaged in partner-sponsored co-marketing activities with Salesforce.

My company is engaged in partner-sponsored co-marketing activities with Salesforce? What happens if we do not agree to these terms?
You will not be reimbursed by Salesforce for any co-marketing activities unless this agreement is signed by a representative from your company.

Who should sign this agreement (from our company)?
Anyone who is authorized by your company to enter into legally binding agreements, such as a legal representative or corporate executive.

How does it work (signing the agreement)?
Simply click on the link above and you will be presented with the agreement.  Check the two boxes on the form and submit.  That's all that is needed.

Has anyone from my team already signed this agreement? How can I check?
Submit this case in the Partner Community to inquire.

We do not engage in any partner-sponsored co-marketing activities with Salesforce. Do we have to sign this agreement?


What do you mean by "partner-led, co-marketing activities"?
A partner-led, co-marketing activity is an event or program which is led by the partner and Salesforce is reimbursing the partner for a portion of the cost.

Does the SPCMA overlap with terms governing MDF for Cloud Resellers, or other similar agreements?
All other Salesforce agreements that reference Partner-led, co-marketing activities, or MDF will require that the partner agrees to the online SPCMA.

If my company signs this agreement, are we then entitled to co-marketing benefits with Salesforce?
No, there is no implied co-marketing benefit associated with this agreement. You must still meet eligibility requirements for any partner-sponsored, co-marketing activities.

Do we need to sign this agreement for each co-marketing activity or are we covered with just one agreement?
The SPCMA needs to be signed just once provided that your SPPA agreement is current.