Promote your Listing with the AppExchange Marketing Program (AMP)

The AppExchange Marketing Program (AMP) is one of many resources available to Salesforce AppExchange Partners. AMP offers co-marketing opportunities as an extension of Salesforce corporate marketing. It is a paid program specializing in tactics where AppExchange is needed to reach Salesforce customers, employees, and influencers as a complement to your own marketing.

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Who can participate? Any Salesforce AppExchange Partner with:

  • 1. A live, public AppExchange listing with organizational bandwidth to make updates
  • 2. Basic inputs, timely approvals, and your partnership to implement listing best practices and amplify promos on social
  • 3. Adherence to Salesforce’s branding guidelines
  • 4. For ISVs: Price specified (not “free”) on AppExchange listing
  • 5. For ISVs: A revenue-sharing agreement with Salesforce
  • 6. For ISVs: A Lightning-ready solution
  • 7. For Consultants: Partner must be in the Explorer level or above in the Consulting Partner Program

What is the program timing?

AMP releases new marketing opportunities every six months, roughly in December and June. Partners select participation by Salesforce quarter: Feb - Apr (Q1), May - Jul (Q2), Aug - Oct (Q3), and Nov - Jan (Q4).

Promotions Now Available for February 2020 - July 2020

Review the resources below that cover all available AMP promotions and details. Once you have confirmed which promotions to apply for, follow steps 1-4 below.

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